We have all experienced our share of issues in life, but sometimes those issues can become life-controlling. Are you, or is someone you love, there?  It can be so overwhelming, can’t it?

If you’re like most, you are feeling alone, isolated and confused as to why it keeps happening. You may have asked, “why can’t I just get over this?” Or you may have asked, “Why can’t I just stop?” You have resolved to try harder, or to find some new distraction in an effort to feel better only to find yourself back in the same position.

Are you tired of temporarily feeling better? There is a canyon of difference between feeling better and getting better. Are you ready to start getting better?

We are here to help. At Insights Counseling Center, we know life-controlling issues from the inside out and because we do, we know how to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to explore how you got here, and support you in your journey of getting better. We are here to help your relationships, recovery and life to get better.

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Are you struggling with addiction, or loving someone that is? Are you worn out from the chaos, frustration and despair of it all? Those long frustrating days of despair and isolation do not have to be a death sentence. There is help and hope available! At Insights Counseling Center, you will not be met with judgment or surprise. We understand because we have been there.

I know from experience how difficult it can be coming in for that first therapy appointment. Especially when you are struggling with some secrets, or challenges that you have fought to keep private for so long. It is not easy to sit down with a stranger and open up, but I’ve been there and know what it is like. You’ll find me compassionate, understanding and easy to talk with. I like to combine humor with insight to help you understand how you got here, and how you can finally heal.

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