Partners of Sex Addicts

Have you ever seen a bird fly into a window, or a sliding glass door? They just on the ground in an overwhelming mix of disbelief and confusion. They never immediately fly away, and it seems as if that is because they don’t know if they can, or even if they want to. There are so many questions, right? What happened? They still don’t know exactly what happened, they just know that itwas horribly painful and it seemingly came out of nowhere.

Maybe you feel like that bird. Maybe you were flying along and following the same flight path that your relationship has been on for quite some time and then, out of nowhere, it happened. You were stopped in mid-flight and knocked to the ground. Right now, it can be hard to trust yourself as you question yourself, “How did I not see this coming? Can I trust myself to ever fly again? Will I ever fly again?”

Trauma does that to us, and the trauma that comes with betrayal cuts so deeply. Discovering that your partner has been having an affair, or many affairs, or has been using porn addictively can be a moment that knocks you to the ground alone and in a heap of overwhelming emotions. It can be a frightening and lonely place, and a place filled with big questions. Who is this I married? Has it all been a lie? Is it over? Is there any hope?

At Insights Counseling Center, we understand the trauma you are going through and we can help. We have extensive training in helping partners fighting to deal with the trauma that comes with a sexual betrayal.

Doing this work will help you if you decide to stay in the relationship, and it will help you avoid repeating this mistake should you decide you cannot stay. We are here to help you get the answers you need, and to do the deep healing work so that you can return to the freedom of flight in a profoundly new way.

We would be honored to listen to you and offer any suggestions as to how we can help you.


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